10 Healthy Lunches Your Kids Will Actually LOVE


Kids nutrition is so important and I love sharing ways to add in healthy foods and begin to encourage eating more whole foods among our kids. But let’s be honest, it’s hard sometimes. I’m in the throws of it myself and most days there are tears from my 2-year old because she doesn’t want her veggies.

But I have this “rule”-- my girls must eat their veggies or it’s their next snack or meal until it’s gone. I don’t make them eat everything on their plate. But veggies are my non negotiable. My 5-year old knows the drill by now and {usually} doesn’t put up a fuss. But my youngest, she’s still trying to figure out if I’m serious or not. She’s learning though. ;)

It’s so important to start our children young with whole nutrition. It doesn’t just happen on it’s own but needs to be intentional. Poor nutrition now often leads to a life of dieting {can you relate?!}. We didn’t learn young nor created healthy habits while we are younger.

I’m on a mission to set my girls up for success, now. To create healthy habits so when they are adults they aren’t on yo-yo diets or trying to find the next best thing to lose weight. And I’m showing them one meal at a time that healthy is not only good for you but delicious too. To show them balance...where they crave veggies and a cookie. To get rid of the all or nothing mindset, food rules and diets.

I’ve partnered with Siete Foods to bring you 10 Healthy Lunches Your Kids Will Actually Love and I’m thrilled to show you a sneak peek at what London brings to school with her. If you’ve been following me on IG {@karaswanson} than you know my obsession with Siete’s tortilla chips and wraps. I swear I can’t stop at just a handful of chips. Their Lime Tortilla chips are insanely good. And I love that their wraps have amazing ingredients and nothing processed or artificial.

Be sure to snag some here or at your local Whole Foods and try them yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Below are some lunches that I make for my girls but feel free to mix and match or choose their favorite fruits/veggies. But for each lunch I aim for: 1 fat + 1 protein + 1 carb + 1 fruit + 1 treat {this isn’t everyday}.

healthy lunches for kids

Siete Nacho tortilla chips + hummus, kiwi, turkey stick, snap peas + grape tomatoes, and a dark chocolate square

kids healthy lunches

Apple slices, hard boiled egg, date with peanut butter, Siete Lime tortilla chips, snap peas and carrots

healthy lunch for toddlers

Siete Almond flour wrap with nut butter + berries + granola, apple slices, snap peas, and hard-boiled egg

healthy lunch for kids

Siete Lime tortilla chips, grass-fed cheese, avocado, strawberries, cucumbers, carrots and a piece of dark chocolate

healthy wrap for kids

Siete Cassava & Chia Seed wrap with nut butter +  chia seeds + banana slices + honey, blueberries, bell peppers + snap peas, and a piece of dark chocolate

healthy lunch ideas

Coconut Yogurt with berries + granola, hard boiled egg, snap peas, cucumbers, and a Larabar

healthy veggie wrap for kids

Veggie wrap with Siete Cassava & Coconut flour wrap + hummus + carrots + spinach + bell peppers, turkey sticks, orange, blueberries, and a cookie


healthy lunch box for kids

Siete Nacho tortilla chips, hummus, broccoli, cucumbers, orange + blueberries and an RX Bar

healthy lunches for kids

Chicken + bell pepper + cheese quesadilla with Siete Cassava Coconut flour wrap, mixed nuts, snap peas, and strawberries + pineapple. 

veggies for lunch

Tortilla Encrusted Chicken Tenders, snap peas + grape tomatoes, celery + almond butter + mini chocolate chips, and cantaloupe + blueberries. 

If you want to save time during the week, prep your kid's lunches ahead of time so heading to school is a breeze in the morning! And if you want to learn more about meal prep and how it can save you HOURS during the week and money on your grocery bill catch my FREE masterclass where I'm sharing alll my secrets on how to meal prep like a pro in 6 easy steps. Watch here!