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The 4-Week Challenge

Are you tired of dieting, restricting calories, and feeling deprived?

Then this challenge is for you!

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Fall Meal Plan

4-Week Meal Plan

Learn how to make nutrition simple+easy+delicious

Challenge Community


A community of women to keep you accountable


If you want to learn how to create healthy habits that truly last…this challenge is for you.

“I have tried many programs in the past. With many of them, the food is very restricted and sometimes the ingredients are either hard to find or ones that I don’t normally use.

This program is simple and easy to follow. I believe that I will be able to have greater success after the program because the focus is on living a healthier lifestyle. It is long term, not just a quick fix.”

- Tami F.

Kara in the kitchen

If you’re tired of dieting, counting macros/calories and want a plan that’s easy and stress free…this challenge is for you.

If you want to fall in love with eating healthy, yummy food…this challenge is for you.

The Life Well Lived 4- Week Challenge is a fresh approach to nutrition, making healthy eating EASY, and creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

My approach to nutrition is simple. We go back to the basics and eat real, whole foods, and I love finding healthy alternatives to all your favorites. In this challenge you’ll create healthy sustainable habits that will not only transform your own life but your families as well. You’ll learn that eating healthy and losing weight isn’t complicated and I can’t wait to help you reach your goals.

Say “bye-bye” to thinking you have to diet and feel deprived to lose weight or create a healthy lifestyle. Listen to these testimonials from past clients:


4-Week Challenge Testimonials

“This meal plan is so amazing and unlike anything I’ve done before. The recipes are not only delicious but they are easy and my kiddos like them too. I’ve continued to make everything and all of my friends continually want the recipes! I love that this plan is a lifestyle and not a quick-fix diet. I feel great and also feel better prepared to keep it going!”

- Chelsea P.


“Kara’s meal plan challenge was JUST what I needed for a reset and revival of my wellness routine. It was so much more than I even expected. It’s not just about remembering to eat your veggies, it’s creating a lifestyle for yourself and your family and in a judgement-free, supportive community environment. Kara’s knowledge and passion shine... I wouldn’t want to have been on this journey with anyone else! I can’t recommend the challenge enough!”

- Meg L.

Included in the 4-Week Challenge:


preparing meals in kitchen
  • 4-weeks of meal plans {Tailored to help you lose weight + have energy all day.}

  • Healthy + delicious meals {Your whole family will love...even nachos!}

  • GROCERY LISTS {Like, you literally just have to go shopping!}

  • Easy recipes {Super easy.}

  • Meal Prep Guide {Making meal prepping a breeze and your week even easier!}

  • Workouts {2 options that are both quick, effective and can be done at home!}

  • Accountability + support {to keep you motivated}

  • Weekly giveaways from my favorite brands! {Ahhhh this is going to be THE BEST!}

  • Private Facebook group & community of women {because we thrive in community!}

  • 4 LIVE nutrition coaching sessions with me :) {Basically private coaching for less}

  • Power Smoothie 101 Handout {Learn how to create the perfect smoothie.}

  • Healthy Desserts Handout {You know I love my sweets!}

  • And so much more!


Weekly Giveaways!

2 bags of JoJo’s Chocolate Bark, Elemental Water Bottle,

1-Month Supply of RxBars, and Siete Chips + Hot Sauce Line

*Prizes may be different for each challenge.