Are you tired of dieting, restricting calories, and feeling deprived?

Then this challenge is for you!

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Kara in the kitchen

If you want to learn how to create healthy habits that truly lasts…this challenge is for you.

If you want to lose weight and feel confident this summer {without dieting or feeling deprived}…this challenge is for you.

The Life Well Lived Summer Challenge is a fresh approach to nutrition, making healthy eating EASY, and creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

This challenge will provide you with confidence when you put on your swimsuit this summer. During this challenge, you will learn how to nourish and fuel your body with foods that provide you energy all day long. You’ll learn how to structure your meals like a pro, that eating healthy isn't complicated, how to become a more mindful eater, and so much more.

Say bye bye to thinking you have to diet and feel deprived to lose weight or create a healthy lifestyle. There is no place for that here! Listen to these testimonials from past clients:


"Two pairs of jeans that hardly fit 3 weeks ago, fit today...with room!"  - Christine

"I genuinely feel so much better in my own skin. I am also realizing how it’s pretty easy and delicious to eat healthy." - Tara

“Between a weekly live call, accountability through a private Facebook group, a calendared meal plan with weekly grocery lists, and a list of workouts, I needed nothing else but to simply grocery shop, cook, and otherwise go about my life. The irony was that when I thought I didn't have room in my brain for one more "to do", Kara's approach actually eliminated a ton of work and thought and let me go on auto-pilot.

I had no idea what to expect going into this, but three and a half weeks later, I have more veggie cravings, less donut cravings, improved sleep, and – let's face it, numbers talk – 2 inches lost in my waist alone, an inch off each thigh, and I'm down 5 pounds, even when I didn't follow the meal plan verbatim (vacation!) or get in nearly as many workouts as I set out to. Little changes (thank you, Kara!) + a little time ADD UP.” -Liz


preparing meals in kitchen

So what's included?!


  • 4-weeks of meal plans {Tailored to help you lose weight + have energy all day.}
  • Healthy + delicious meals {Your whole family will love...even BBQ pizza!}
  • GROCERY LISTS {Like, you literally just have to go shopping!}
  • Easy recipes {Super easy.}
  • Workouts {2 options that are both quick, effective and can be done at home!}
  • Accountability + support {to keep you motivated}
  • Weekly giveaways from my favorite brands! {Ahhhh this is going to be THE BEST!}
  • Private Facebook group & community of women {because we thrive in community!}
  • 4 LIVE nutrition coaching sessions with me :) {Basically private coaching for less}
  • Power Smoothie 101 Handout {Learn how to create the perfect smoothie.}
  • Healthy Desserts Handout {You know I love my sweets!}
  • And so much more!

PLUS... You'll get a BONUS week of all new recipes!


Weekly Giveaways!

JoJo's Chocolate Bark
Kitchfix Granola
Elemental Water Bottle
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