Magnesium: How I Help my Girls Sleep Better

Sleep is so important but sometimes bedtime can be difficult. Learn how magnesium has helped our girls calm down before bed and sleep peacefully through the night.

magnesium benefits

I’m obsessed with sleep. Just ask my husband. In a perfect world, I would sleep 9-10 hours a night. I wish I could get by on 6 or even 7 hours, but I require a lot of sleep.

And now that I’m 22 weeks pregnant I could sleep all day. Okay, not all day, but I place more of a priority on my sleep right now. But that can be hard when you have kids who might have trouble sleeping, are having a hard time falling asleep, or just wake up a lot in the middle of the night.

My girls are pretty good sleepers (knock on wood), but this isn’t the case for all kids. According to WebMD, children and adolescents need 9 hours of sleep each night. Helping our children get a good night’s rest can be difficult. So I wanted to share what has been helping us on those nights when my girls do have trouble sleeping.

Helping my children relax and fall asleep

Our favorite way to help our girls relax before bed and help them fall asleep is using magnesium. It’s been something we’ve used for years. It helps calm their little bodies so they can get to sleep quickly and stay asleep.

When we started using Calming Magnesium Oil Balm from Raise Them Well I instantly fell in love with how gentle it was and that they only use six ingredients: magnesium oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and lavender essential oil – all ingredients I know and trust. Plus, there are no synthetic chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and other hormone disruptors. I love that I can put this on my daughters and know there’s not going to be any harmful chemicals being soaked into their skin.

I’m so excited to have partnered with Raise Them Well to share with you about their magnesium products, why magnesium is important, and, most importantly, how it’s helped our girls sleep better!

benefits of magnesium

Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most common deficiencies and if you’re new to magnesium it also helps calm the body (a.k.a. helps you sleep)! It’s known to calm nerves and anxiety. Magnesium is also great to take if you have muscle aches or spasms. It can help prevent headaches and helps with digestion. My favorite benefit and the reason I take magnesium most often is that it helps with insomnia and promotes sleep.

I love putting Raise Them Well’s Calming Magnesium Oil Balm on my girls when they are having trouble sleeping or need to calm down a little before bed. I can’t say it enough, magnesium has completely been a lifesaver on nights my girls are having trouble sleeping and it’s probably my favorite supplement we use for them.

Why it's important to take

Magnesium plays a big role in helping your body and brain function properly. It’s found in 60% of our bones while the rest is in our muscles, soft tissues, and fluids, including blood. It’s also involved in over 600 reactions in our body making it an important mineral we need and often we don’t get enough even if we are eating a healthy diet

Healthy magnesium levels also protect metabolic health, stabilize mood, keep stress in check, promote better sleep, and contribute to heart and bone health. I’m sure you are seeing how important magnesium is to our overall health and that means it’s important for our kids too. Our body does not produce magnesium so it’s essential that we get it from outside sources such as foods and supplements.

ways to help your kids sleep better

Magnesium rich foods

Eating a well-balanced diet is key to getting in the nutrients our bodies need. Here’s a list of magnesium-rich foods:

  • Leafy vegetables like kale and spinach

  • Fruit like figs, avocado, banana, and raspberries

  • Nuts and seeds

  • Legumes like black beans and chickpeas

  • Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, green beans, artichokes, and Brussel sprouts

  • Raw cacao

  • Dark chocolate

  • Whole grains like brown rice and oats

It’s important to eat a diet with foods rich in magnesium but it’s not always easy to do. I’m a huge promoter of fueling our bodies with whole foods so we can get the nutrients we need, however, sometimes we need a little boost and I’ve really seen the benefits of magnesium for my girls and myself.

How magnesium has helped our girls

My girls have always been pretty good sleepers but some nights they have a hard time calming down and falling to sleep. Magnesium has really changed our bedtime routine for the better. The Magnesium Oil Balm is easy to apply and it really helps soothe and calm them so it’s easy for them to fall asleep.

Both my girls have come down to ask me to put some magnesium on them because they need a little help falling asleep. It’s also great at nap time. I love using it on my youngest, who is 3 years old and loves to boycott naps these days. But the (magnesium product) helps soothe and calm her to take a nap.

magnesium helps sleep

Why we love Raise Them Well Magnesium products

I love that I can be confident in the product that I’m applying to my daughters is quality and actually works. Sleep is important in my household and my daughters are so much happier and more well mannered when they have enough sleep. So sign me up if using something as simple as Calming Magnesium Balm Oil ensures they get that much-needed sleep. Be sure to check out all their products here.

Whether your kids are struggling with sleep every night or just once in a while I highly recommend using Raise Them Well Magnesium products to help promote a solid night’s rest. You can grab them here and rest easy (literally!) knowing your kids are going to start sleeping well and getting enough sleep.

Edited: I’ve gotten so many questions about Magnesium for adults! We love and use Nature Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium. We use to to help us relax, muscle soreness/pain, and to help us sleep on restless nights! You can order it here.