Coconut Whipped Cream


If you haven't made coconut whipped cream. You are missing out! This is now my current new obsession. I'm topping it on everything...smoothies, fruit, pancakes, crisps, and even eating it straight out of the bowl {there is no shame in my game!}. 

If you are new to the amazing world of homemade coconut whip. Welcome. I'm glad you two can finally meet. It's so incredibly easy to whip up {see what I did there?} and tastes oh so good. And it's only two ingredients. We used to buy coconut whipped cream but it can be pretty expensive. Buy a can here and start making your own for way less.

I made these coconut whip covered strawberries rolled in cacao nibs for an after-school treat for the girls and they LOVED it. Or go ahead and top this gluten-free blueberry crisp with the creamiest coconut whip!


1 13.5 oz can coconut milk {refrigerated overnight}

1 tsp pure maple syrup


  1. Remove coconut milk from the fridge. Flip over. Open can and pour out the *coconut water. Scoop coconut cream into a bowl.

  2. Add maple syrup.

  3. Using a stand mixer or hand beaters, whip the coconut cream on medium-high for about 3 minutes until soft peaks form

*Tip: Save the coconut water for smoothies!