Your Ultimate Travel Guide: 5 Healthy Travel Essentials to Keep in Your Travel Bag to Stay on Track

Traveling doesn’t have to mean coming home bloated, tired, and feeling like crap. It also doesn’t mean you have to freak out because you’re not in your normal routine of regular exercise and  eating habits.

Traveling can be so hard for us when we’re working towards our goals. Vacation is vacation for a reason. You should relax more and enjoy a few more treats. But that doesn’t mean going crazy.

You CAN feel good on vacation, find a happy balance, and indulge all at the same time.

I want to share with you what I bring and some habits I do while I’m traveling. It’s amazing what a few items and simple habits do to help me feel amazing even when traveling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy to be back in my kitchen and in my normal routine after being away. But I’m not tired, bloated, and 5 pounds heavier when I return.


Travel healthy tips

5 Items I Always Travel With

Probiotics: This will keep your gut health in check and keep you from being bloated. I love using Axe Nutrition’s Probiotic because it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I also really enjoy traveling with Good Day Chocolates Probiotics...because who doesn’t want an excuse to eat chocolate?!

Tennis Shoes:  Always pack your tennis shoes {and workout clothes!} when traveling. Then there is no excuse to go for a walk, hit the hotel gym, or do a quick workout in your room! Working out in the morning is key for me. I have much more energy, think clearer, and it makes me want to reach for healthier options the rest of the day. It doesn’t have to be intense or complicated, just something to get your body moving and those feel good endorphins flowing.

Side note: I am ALL for rest days. And incorporate those in my vacation. So if you need a break – listen to your body!

Water Bottle: Invest in a big water bottle and drink lots of water on vacation. I repeat: Drink lots of water on vacation {and always for that matter!}. This will flush out the toxins and keep you hydrated. I really love my water bottle from Elemental Bottles. P.S. Get one with a sport lid – I always drink way more out of a straw! And if you’re flying, be sure to drink lots of water before you get on the plane. Pack your empty water bottle and fill it up at at an airport coffee shop or restaurant.

Magnesium: Whenever I’m someplace new I have a much harder time falling asleep. I love Natural Calm because it relaxes me and I sleep so much better!

Snacks: Shocking, I know. But I have to have my snacks! I always keep some nut butters, all-natural turkey sticks, or an Rx Bar in my bag in case I need something to tide me over until my next meal. This prevents me from getting hangry and overeating! And don’t be afraid to bring food on the airplane! I make overnight oats and put them in throw-away containers for an early flight. Your bag will probably get searched by airport security. But it’s worth it to be able to eat healthy food while traveling and not have to spend an arm on a salad that’s not even good.

Create Balance on Vacation

The last thing you want to do is worry about following a diet on vacation. You should be enjoying time with your family and friends, and experiencing the sights. It’s so freeing not feel weighed down by a diet or food “rules”.  

Create a balance with healthy foods that work for your body. This will allow you to stay on track even on vacation. Enjoy the fun treats and eat healthy the rest of the time. But don’t get discouraged or have the all-or-nothing mentality and just let it be a free for all.

Because who really loves coming home bloated and feeling like crap?!?

Answer: No one!

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