Benefits of Prenatal Massage

It’s no secret this pregnancy has been very hard…I’ve had nausea basically 24/7 and my hips have been hurting terribly. I’ve tried everything to get relief. But prenatal massages have been the only thing to alleviated the pain. I want to take a few minuted to share the benefits of prenatal massage with you.

Thankfully, out of desperation, I found Bria Coyler of Restorative Massage when I was 35 weeks pregnant. I called her late on a Thursday afternoon and almost in tears told her I was pregnant, in pain, and needed a massage. She was so kind and stayed later than usual to get me in that night.

benefits of prenatal massage

The Prenatal Massage Table

I have had prenatal massages with all of my pregnancies. I had two prenatal massage this pregnancy prior to seeing Bria.

But here is what makes Restorative Massage different: she uses a special prenatal table with cutouts to provide safe, comfortable, support while you lay face down. After finding this out I was sold! The last thing I wanted to do was lay on my side – it’s often uncomfortable due to my hip pain. The previous massages were never effective when I had to lay on my side.

The prenatal massage table is a game changer. I didn’t even know prenatal tables existed until recently. Never again will I get another pregnancy massage on my side. Laying face down while pregnant is not only a dream but it allows for a more effective and complete massage.

The table is able to be at an incline (think a pool lounge chair) so I wasn’t lying flat on my back. When it was time to flip to my back the massage was still effective.

I felt immediate relief from Bria’s prenatal massage.

prenatal massage table

My Results from Prenatal Massage

I Had no Nausea for 5 Days

Remember how I said I struggle with nausea basically 24/7? Well, I did up until my first massage with Bria. I noticed the next day that I was feeling better but just thought I was having a “good day” – I didn’t think anything of it.

But then the next day I didn’t have any nausea either. I didn’t want to jinx it. It wasn’t until 4 days after my massage that I finally told my husband I hadn’t felt sick since the massage!

For 5 days I had relief from my nausea. I had tried everything to help get rid of it and nothing had helped. To have 5 days free of nausea could make a pregnant girl cry.

Hips Were so Much Looser

Right away I noticed my hips were loosened up and pain-free! I again, had zero relief from the hip pain so it felt amazing to get out of bed without moaning or wanting to cry. I have been getting massages weekly now from Bria and they have tremendously helped my hip pain and to really loosen them up.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

There's no denying that prenatal massage has helped me feel better during the end of my pregnancy. My only regret is not finding Bria sooner.

I have been more relaxed and can tell my muscles aren't as tight. Plus the nausea relief has been amazing. Below are 6 more ways prenatal massage can benefit you.

  • helps relieve extra pressure off of the joints

  • reduces anxiety

  • helps with nausea

  • helps with hormonal headaches caused by the pregnancy

  • helps get the body ready for labor by loosening muscles so that when it comes time to push the muscles can push at full strength

  • If you are under a lot of stress than the baby is also under stress so it can help both of them relax. This stress is beyond just mental or emotional stress. Your body is growing and under a lot of stress. Think about it: during this time your bones are moving and your joints are expanding and pulls your muscles taut. This causes more pain in your body than what is typical for you putting you and wee babe under stress.

prenatal massage table in des moines

Why You Need Bria in Your Life

If you’re local and searching for a prenatal massage nearby, then you need to go see Bria! She went through two very difficult pregnancies and then experienced two emergency c-sections. The second was so critical she had to be put under. As a result, she knows exactly what a woman’s body goes through during this time.

With her Medical Massage Practitioner certification, Bria can accurately find where a muscle is bound up and take different approaches to relax it.

What I love about Bria is that she listens to your body and can often tune into where you’re stuck in “flight or fight mode.” She can then go in and get your body to kick in your parasympathetic system (this is the system that tells you to relax) and get you feeling way more relaxed and balanced than when you first came in.

I cannot stop talking about how amazing my experience has been so far at Restorative Massage. I've told every pregnant mama I know!  Bria is caring, listens to your needs, and finds your pain points. She truly has given me the best massages I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot!).

Book an Appointment plus a FREE upgrade

If you’re pregnant, contact Restorative Massage today so you can experience the unforgettable benefits of Bria’s prenatal massage! You can book your appointment here or call

(515) 599-8625. And Bria is giving you a FREE upgrade. All you need to do is book your massage, and then add an add-on for a 15 minute scalp massage or a 15 minute foot massage with foot oil that she’s made special for us! When you arrive mention my name and you’ll get the add-on for free!

About the author:

Kara Swanson is a certified nutritionist and founder of Life Well Lived. She is married to her best friend and the proud mother of three. Her passion is to make nutrition simple+easy+delicious!