Mint Energy Bites

These Mint Energy Bites are the I used really simple ingredients and a Square Organics Chocolate Covered Mint Square. Incredibly simple and super addicting. You are going to want to make these ASAP. I love eating a couple before my workout to give me some energy or after dinner for a little treat. 

Square Organics Bars are quickly becoming a favorite in our house. The flavors are so yummy and I love the organic ingredients they use. My favorite by far is the Mint Square but the Peanut Butter, Crunch, Coconut...okay, they all are pretty amazing. I've teamed up with Square Organics and they are giving you 20% off your order at! Just use KARA20 at checkout. Protein bars are a great on the go solution or when you are in a pinch. Make sure you choose a high quality one-- that's why I love Square Organics so much. 

Also, can we talk about food processors for a minute? I mean, they are life changing. I borrowed my sister's for a few recipes and it took me half the time and made life soooo much easier. Needless to say I am heading to the store to buy one. like. now. 

But first, I think I will snack on a few Mint Energy Bites. Enjoy! 

Mint Energy Bites close up


1 cup cashews

1/2 almonds

1 Chocolate Coated Mint Square 

2 TBS chia seeds

2 TBS honey

Mint Energy Bites


1. Place everything in a food processor until well combined. 

2. Roll into balls and enjoy! Store in refrigerator to keep fresh.