Pregnancy Resources

Use this page as a resource for your own pregnancy or just follow along on my pregnancy journey with baby #3.


How to Survive the First Trimester

Sharing all about how to relieve nausea, tips to have a healthy pregnancy, and how to kick those bad habits we created in the second trimester!

prenatal vitamins

The Best Prenatal Multivitamin

If you’re currently pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant in the future, this blog post is for you! Choosing a prenatal multivitamin is one of the first things I consider when thinking about getting pregnant (if we’re planning it!) or after finding out I’m pregnant.

pregnancy smoothie

6 Tips For a Healthy Pregnancy

I’m sharing my top tips to help and encourage you to have a healthy pregnancy. It’s not about perfection, eating kale all day, or working out every day. Learn how to create habits for a healthy pregnancy not only for you, but for the baby too.

Benefits of prenatal massage.jpg

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

This pregnancy was very hard – nausea basically 24/7 and my hips hurt terribly. I tried everything to get relief. But prenatal massages were the only thing to alleviate the pain.

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My Must Have Pregnancy Items

Sharing my must have pregnancy items with you because I remember the first time I was pregnant and felt completely clueless as to what I needed or what was essential. Here are my 6 must have pregnancy items.