Round up of my favorite bars

Often times granola bars/protein bars are filled with sugars, additives and ingredients. I am very picky about what bars I eat and only keep a few around at a time for those busy grab and go days when I am in a pinch. I don’t like to make it a habit of eating a bar as a snack when I am home because there are so many better ways I could fuel my body. When choosing a bar I look first at the ingredient list and make sure they are as natural as possible and with good ingredients. And obviously, TASTE is another key factor!

Here is my roundup of my favorite bars and my personal pros and cons next to each bar!


Pros: Yummy, clean ingredients, easy to find, good price

Cons: Low in protein and higher in natural sugar due to the dates


Pros: Delicious, easy to find, good ingredients

Cons: (None that I can think of!)


Pros: Great ingredients, Tastes amazing {my personal FAVORITE!}

Cons: Pricier but worth it for the quality ingredients.


Pros:  Absolutely delicious.

Cons: Harder to find. Need to be refrigerated. Pricey.


Pros: Taste good, easy to find

Cons: (None that I can think of!)