7 Healthy Snacks to Pack in Your Carry On

healthy carry on snacks

We’re heading to Florida and I couldn’t be more excited to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D and relax. But I’m probably most excited that we’re surprising London by taking her to Disney World for the day. I’m totally giddy with excitement about it and have almost slipped and spilled the beans multiple times. So shhh she doesn’t know yet.

As much as I love traveling, it often means crossing your fingers security doesn’t take that bottle of lotion that’s 4.2 oz,  long wait times in the airport, airport food, and even longer flights. And when you have kids it’s a whole different ballgame.

My best advice when traveling with kids?

Snacks, snacks, snacks, and movies.

We’ve flown a lot with our girls and this has always been the case. I buy all these fun activities or new toys and they get ignored. It’s the food and movies they want. And as long as they aren’t screaming {been there, done that}, I’m totally fine with it.

But airport food is overpriced and often lacks healthy options so I pack a lot of food when we travel. I’m even bringing overnight oats and hard boiled eggs for breakfast since our flight is so early! And I always bring our empty water bottles and fill up at Starbucks with their purified water, but if that’s not an option most restaurants will allow you to fill up.

Whether you’re traveling with kids or flying solo I’ve got a list of my favorite snacks I bring when traveling.

7 Healthy Snacks to Pack in Your Carry On

Wildway Grain Free Granola

1. Granola

I love granola or trail mix when traveling and Wildway has snack packs that are absolutely perfect for traveling. Plus, they’re grain-free, have no artificial sweeteners, and the ingredients are super clean.

Jo Jo's chocolate bars

2.  JoJo’s Chocolate Bark

Okay, you knew this was coming. I have to bring chocolate when I travel. My girls were begging me for some before the trip...our love of chocolate runs deep. JoJo’s Chocolate Bark kicks my cravings for something sweet, and it’s perfect for on the go. You can snag some here and use code KARA10 for 10% off!

3. Veggies

I bring veggies every time we travel and because I don’t want them to spoil, we tend to eat them first. In addition to our household favorite, snap peas, I bring whatever leftovers we have in the fridge.

healthy carry on snack

4. Fruit

Apple slices are my go-to to pack in my carry on. The fiber keeps me regular which is so important when traveling! I also love adding single packets of nut butter for the apple slices to sneak in some healthy fats.

5. Nick’s Sticks

Protein is a must for me to keep me feeling fuller longer. And it keeps the temptation of airport food at a minimal when I’m feeling satisfied. Nick’s Sticks come in grass-fed beef or turkey and make eating protein simple when traveling.

6. Square Bars

Protein bars are always a great choice to pack in your purse. You can easily make a mini meal out of a protein bar and veggies.

Square Organics protein bars are delicious and loaded with clean protein. These are easily our favorite protein bars and they come in a great variety of flavors. You can order them here and use KARA20 for 20% off your order. {side note: I also packed some Square Organics protein popcorn for the girls during movie time on the plane.}

Yum Earth Lollipops

7. Lollipops

I had to bring a little something special for the girls on the plane...a.k.a. in case of emergencies and I need something to bribe them.

I love Yum Earth organic lollipops because they have no artificial dyes and the colors are from fruits + veggies! My girls are obsessed with them and they make the perfect bribe...I mean treat.

What about you?

What are your go-to travel snacks? Comment below, I love hearing other ideas!