The Easiest Way to Save Your Time + Nutrition This Holiday Season


The holidays are here which means Christmas music will be playing non-stop in our house.

This is my favorite time of year! But with so many holiday parties and family get-togethers, it can seem almost impossible to eat healthy and remain fit over the next month.

But Sun Basket makes the impossible not only possible but simple! Eating healthy + clean is a huge priority for my family and me – neglecting this during the holidays is not an option.


So I was thrilled when Sun Basket sent me a box right to my doorstep filled with organic and non-GMO produce, an easy to follow recipe book, and everything I needed to make healthy + delicious meals.

I’ve tried the other meal delivery companies, but Sun Basket has been by far my favorite...everything is organized and easy to follow. Check out the ingredients and cute little containers {that you can recycle!} below.

But you may be wondering, “Are the meals even good?”

YES! They are delicious and I’m planning on recreating them over and over again. Sun Basket uses simple ingredients, which you know I love, so it’s easy to recreate a recipe. Plus, you get to try new recipes and pair different ingredients together that you may not have thought of before. They have gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and even paleo meals to choose from!

I was skeptical because of my past experiences with meal delivery companies claiming to be healthy + clean. With previous experiences, their meals were either unhealthy or didn’t taste good. So I say this with full confidence, Sun Basket is by far the best out there!

One of my favorite meals was steaks with balsamic-glazed radishes and brussel sprouts. You all know my love of brussel sprouts, but paired with the caramelized shallots and balsamic vinegar created a whole new experience. And the steak was melt-in-your-mouth tender.


This meal was so flavorful that I’m already looking forward to making it again next week! It was a double win in our house because my husband shared the sentiment. #winning

So, if you want a little help staying healthy and removing the stress of meal prepping this holiday season go grab your first Sun Basket for $35 off! Click HERE for this incredible offer! With lots of recipes to choose from you’re sure to find something for the whole family.  

This post is sponsored by Sun Basket. All opinions are my own.