The Ultimate Guide to Quickly Sculpting an Envious Booty


The ultimate guide to quickly sculpting an envious booty + 39 ways to sculpt a great butt and sexy legs

Other than providing a cushion to when you sit and making your jeans look better, your butt serves a purpose. Your butt is the powerhouse of your body. It’s the driving force that carries you up an endless flight of stairs and assists you when you lift your adorable child up off the floor.

Your butt is made of three muscles: the gluteus maximums, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is actually the largest muscle in your body.

But (no pun intended), as the largest muscle group in your body, it creates a large problem when it doesn't take shape like you want it to. Round, firm, and toned is the goal…not flat, squishy, or sagging.

3 tips to consider before you begin

Before you set out to kick that butt into shape, there are 3 tips you should consider before you begin any of these butt and leg exercises:

Stretch out your legs. This doesn’t require a lot of time. But do a couple simple stretches to loosen up your muscles before you warm them up.

Always warm up your muscles before beginning your workout. When your muscles are warmed up they work more efficiently, more effectively, and become more resilient. To warm up your muscles, do three minutes of jumping jacks followed by two minutes of jogging in place. However, if you have access to a treadmill, begin with a five-minute jog. Always begin your lower body workout with a warm-up set as well. This helps you get proper form and helps you know what weight to begin with (if you’re using weights).

Focus on form. There are two reasons form is essential for lower body workouts especially. First, it ensures you’re getting an effective workout. Rushing through the workout will rob you of results. But focusing on form causes you to slow down and get the most out of your workout. Secondly, this prevents you from injuring yourself. There are many different exercises that we’ll be discussing that can be dangerous if you try to rush through them. Focusing on your form ensures that your workout is both effective and safe!


Misconceptions about lower body workouts

There are a couple misconceptions surrounding butt, leg, and all lower body exercises. When I talk about squats (or other workouts that focus on the butt) I often hear women say, "I’m afraid my butt will get huge if I do squats.” However, this is a misconception. Your butt won’t grow like a fanciful beanstalk. Our goal is for you to see quick results with the following workouts, but it won’t turn into a bubble overnight. Workouts that focus on your legs and butt will help it become more firm and toned – not big. 

For some, it’s a hard fact to accept, but genetics do play a role in your butt’s development. Some women tend to have a flatter butt than others. And that’s part of their genetics. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it firm and toned. 


39 different ways to sculpt a great butt and sexy legs

Now that we got that out of the way, I want to give you 30 ways to sculpt a great butt and sexy legs! This list is meant to keep your butt and leg workout from ever reaching a plateau or becoming boring. We’re going to sculpt an envious booty, so get ready to love the way your jeans look.

The following list provides 39 unique ways to sculpt your legs and butt. This list will guarantee you never run out of options on leg day!

Misc. butt/leg exercises:

1.     Donkey kicks

2.     Glute bridges

3.     Mountain climbers

4.     Side lying leg kicks

5.     Glute bridge (with medicine ball)

6.     Heel sky raise

7.     Single leg ballet kicks

8.     Bottle

9.     Pelvic tilts

10.   Donkey kicks

11.   Standing donkey kicks

12.   Booty cross-over

13.   Leg extension with hip thrust

14.   Sprinter step-ups

15.   Stability ball hamstring curl

16.   Deadlift

17.   Stiff-leg deadlift

18.   Seated leg press

19.   Wall sits

20.   Straight-leg cable kick-back

21.   Bent-leg cable kick-back

22.   Lateral band walk

23.   Box jumps

24.   Toe taps


25.   Lunge

26.   Curtsey lunge

27.   Curtsy box lunge

28.   Reverse/rear lunge

29.   Walking lunge


30.   Abductor squats

31.   Bulgarian split squats

32.   Jump squats

33.   Medicine ball squats

34.   Plie squat

35.   Prisoner squats

36.   Run stance squat

37.   Sumo squat

38.   Time under tension squats: simply count to 5 as you go down with your scout making sure it’s a slow movement

39.   Yogi squats

What's your favorite lower body exercise?

If there's any exercises I missed or one you think should be added, let me know.